This ski house is located on the site of Gracie’s Cabin in the Town of Snowmass Village, Colorado.  Gracie’s Cabin is a piece of Aspen folklore, having served as the very remote and colorful high altitude destination for sleigh rides, cross country skiing and snowshoeing revelries for many decades.  Most all locals have memories, some able to be told, some not.

The house itself seems more like a village than a house.  Functions are divided between six different buildings.  Each building positions itself to maximize enjoyment of one of the numerous views that circumambulate the house.  In their diverse orientations, buildings each achieve privacy.  However, in their relationship to one another, they also achieve a sense of community.  All around the compound, courtyards and secreted spaces unfold with various moods that sometimes beckon boisterous get-togethers and sometimes beckon peaceful solitude.  The outside spaces are just as important as the inside spaces.